Master of Magnetism

I know, I told you I need to concentrate on my job, but after seeing my friend First Class's fanart, it just drive me crazy! I thought I can wait until the deadline, oh well I can't wait any longer. I know I'm screwing my tight schedule but I DON'T CARE. I knew I will pay the price later, but at least, I discovered new technique! BANZAIIII!!!

Anyway bout Magnus, I'm not fond of him after The First Class alright. I'm a big fan of X-Men and didn't missed the cartoon series back in 90's, and I always had my eyes on Erik and Remy since then, I become a Wolverine fan after watching Hugh Jackman XD! I was young to understand the word of villain and I don't understand English that time so I don't care if Magnus is actually the evil one on the series!

The movie is kicked ass, Micheal Fassbender really nailed the character! I'm going to watch this movie again, you can't miss the change to see the coolest Magneto ever potrayed on the big screen, right!




sharona1x2's Comission :D
90% finished. All I need is to fix few areas and adding light efx but I've been working on and off for days now, need to put this on hiatus for a lil while coz I need to concentrate on my job.
and because I want to go out tomorrow and meet Max Eisenhardt *Erik Lehnsherr* before I start my comic ^^

Until then, the sneak peak.. XD



'Hold Tight!!'

Hur hur...

Sorry for my absent for almost 2 weeks now. I wanted to share my adventures to the Mount Kinabalu and SABAH, the scary flight and the Tsunami warning, but I don't have much time for that now, maybe later! BTW My prayers to all Tsunami victims and to the people of Japan, GOD be with you!

Now, I wanted to share how happy I am coming home safe and it makes me happier than ever after watching HETALIA Movie; PAINT IT WHITE Yesterday, Laugh at the cuteness! and I can't stop from posting this!

Something I did last 2 weeks ago! and I think this year I will draw more GERMANY/Ludwig and ITALY/Feliciano together! *wink*